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My Name is Foreigner Community I am Gringo in Latino World, Farang in Thailand, Le Blanc in West Africa, my name is foreigner, I am a traveler.

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Kpalime, Togo

The Bright Girl

Sunnyvale United States


Cembo Philippines


Port Saint Lucie United States

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Gringo in Spanish

Gringo Defined, or explains as a word to call whites, USA, or Europeans, this word is used in place of the word foreigner, or extranjero in Spanish.


My name is Andy Lee Graham, and my name is Foreigner, any way I think, or feel, it seems natural for me to be called Foreigner.

After 14 years of perpetual travel, to be called a foreigner is my name, I hope you can attempt to empathize, but for me, I am man without a country. I am always a visiitor, and never at home.

The mission of this site is to collect all the ways people call Foreigners names, for example Gringo, or Farang.

Thank you,
Andy Lee Graham 14 years and 90 countries later.

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